We implement 
auto-underwriting solutions 
for insurance companies.

What we do

We implement auto-underwriting solutions for insurance companies.

The internet has changed how consumers seek insurance.  Yet, the internet has not changed how most life and health insurers sell their products.

That’s where we step in.

What we do.

We design, develop and implement auto-underwriting software for life and health insurance companies seeking to digitize their sales channels.

This isn’t just ‘what we do’. It’s all we do.

Using our automated underwriting software, it takes just minutes for an individual to complete a digital insurance application and be offered competitively-priced, fully-underwritten insurance cover, online.

No medical exam. No paper. No delays. Just a keyboard, a credit card and an instant decision, and the applicant can purchase the cover immediately.

Our underwriting software doesn’t just make it quick and easy for consumers buying cover online, our software also powers ‘point-of-sale’ solutions for insurance agents, helping them sell insurance products quickly and effectively.

Why insurers use us

Five reasons insurers use our auto-underwriting software.

Why insurers use us.

Reach younger consumers
The internet has already emerged as the channel of choice for younger consumers seeking convenience. Insurers can reach this market by selling products online with auto-underwriting and instant cover.

Empower insurance agents
Today’s insurance advisors and tele-sales agents prefer point-of-sale solutions that feature auto-underwriting. These solutions are designed to remove sales friction, eliminate paperwork and deliver instant cover.

Reduce acquisition costs
By replacing people, paper and medical exams with auto-underwriting and straight-through-processing, insurers can gain a sustainable cost advantage over their competitors.

Improve underwriting outcomes
Insurers that automate their underwriting processes typically achieve better consistency, accuracy, objectivity and compliance in their underwriting decisions.

Gain business insights
By digitizing their sales and underwriting processes, insurers accumulate masses of data that can be dissected, analyzed and reported through dashboards, leading to improved business insights and decision making.

Our Company

Intelligent Life

Established in 2007, Intelligent Life was the first Insurtech in the world to integrate auto-underwriting software into an end-to-end, digital sales process, enabling individuals to purchase fully-underwritten life insurance policies online, with instant cover.

We’ve since deployed our software in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and USA, for both life and health insurance.

We’ve spent years working closely with reinsurance companies and our underwriting rules have gained the support of two reinsurance groups.

Five things we specialise in.

World class underwriting
We offer world-class expertise in both traditional and automated underwriting. We’ll work with your underwriting team to develop your auto-underwriting rules from the ground up, or we’ll adapt our ‘base’ rules to meet your company’s needs. Either way, we’ll get you up and running with auto-decisioning across all your life, critical illness, income protection, disability and health products.   

Digital insurance
‘Going digital’ involves a lot more than selling existing insurance products via a corporate website. To achieve success, insurers must combine ‘product simplification’ with merging processes, people and technology. We’ve spent years helping insurers do just this.

Bridging the gap
We specialise in managing cross-functional projects in life and health insurance companies, bridging the gap between underwriting, product, technology, e-commerce, sales, marketing and customer support.

Process design
The ‘journey’ you create for customers buying insurance can make or break the success of a digital strategy, so understanding the journey from your customer’s perspective is the key to design. We’ll help map your ultimate customer journey, starting with the customer and working back from there.

Cutting edge software
Of course. We’re an ‘Insurtech’; so technology is our bread and butter. We pride ourselves in developing sustainable, secure and modular software that is both feature-rich and maintainable.

Our software

Our software delivers world class auto-underwriting.

When we created our digital insurance software in 2007, it was a world first. We’ve spent the past 13 years perfecting it.

Digital insurance software

We offer a comprehensive set of software modules capable of delivering a full, end-to-end insurance sales process online, including needs analysis and quote, e-application, auto-underwriting, digital signature, up-sell or cross sell, offer and acceptance, payment processing (via third party gateway), policy issue, reporting and data analytics.

Auto-underwriting software

The cornerstone of our digital insurance software is our auto-underwriting rules engine. Underwriting rules can be quickly and easily configured to auto-decision life, critical illness, disability, income protection and health products to meet the specific needs and underwriting philosophy of any insurer. Our rules engine is also available as a ‘self-contained’ module, which can be integrated into an insurer’s own online sales process. For some markets, we’ll connect our engine with third-party resources such as prescription databases, motor vehicle records, credit scores and prior insurance disclosures (MIB), to enhance real-time decisioning.

Underwriting workbench software

For exceptional cases that cannot be auto-decisioned, our software includes an underwriting workbench for manually assessing and decisioning insurance applications.

Software features.

  • Underwriting rules are easily configured. Rules in the engine can be added, modified or removed with rule version control.

  • The auto-underwriting engine can be configured to deliver exceptionally high acceptance rates, so that most insurance applications can be decisioned without human touch.

  • The consumer journey is configurable. Steps and screens through the insurance application process can be easily added, modified or removed.

  • The user experience is optimised and responsive for both desktop and mobile phone devices.

  • Our software is modular and extendable, so that custom features can be added to meet an insurer’s needs.

  • Our software can be easily interfaced with the insurer’s systems through standard, published API’s.

  • We deploy our software as a service via Amazon cloud, offering exceptional system availability, data security and scalability.

  • Business insights gained through data warehousing, reporting and data analytics.

Our journey

Where we’ve come from should tell you
a lot about where we’re going.

Intelligent Life created world’s first ‘fully-underwritten’ instant life cover for direct consumers in New Zealand.

Winner, Web Design Award – IMA, New York, USA
Winner, Insurance Innovation – INN, Chicago, USA
 First to launch ‘fully-underwritten’ instant-issue life insurance in Australia

First to launch ‘fully-underwritten’ instant life cover in South Africa
Finalist, New Zealand Internet Awards – Wellington, NZ
Winner, Davy Insurance Website Award – Kentucky, USA
Winner, WriteMark Plain English Award – New Zealand

Winner, Webby Design Award – New York, USA

Launched point-of-sale software for agents selling term life in 48 US states – Chicago, USA

First to launch an ‘instant-issue’ life insurance platform in China 

First to launch an ‘instant-issue’ life insurance platform in Malaysia

Launched ‘instant-issue’ life cover direct consumer in Singapore

First in World to launch ‘instant health cover’- Wellington, New Zealand
Named as ‘One to watch – CIO Top 100 Innovators’ awards – Auckland, New Zealand

Launched auto-underwriting as a cloud-hosted service for the global insurance market

Launched online, auto-underwritten insurance in Hong Kong

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